Modern 600ml inching kettle * 10

Modern 600ml inching kettle * 10

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Product Description

Product Description

Keeping hydrated throughout the day can be a challenge in modern life, and this Joseph Joseph water bottle provides the solution by tracking exactly how much you*ve had to drink. Each time this water bottle is refilled, the display window will register a dot and allow you to know just how much water you*ve had. Whether you*re hitting the gym, working at the office, or even at home, this refillable water bottle has got you covered.

  • Dimensions

    • Height: 23.5 cm
    • Width: 7 cm
    • Depth: 7 cm
    • Volume/Capacity: 600 ml

    Item details

    • Reach your daily hydration goals by tracking what you drink
    • Tracking lid records number of bottles drunk. New dot appears every time bottle is refilled and lid is closed (1 dot = 1 bottle)
    • Leak-proof lid
    • Made of BPA-free




    • Bottle, dishwasher safe, Lid, hand wash only

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